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Bird Common Name Submitter Location Region Submission Date Sighting Date Media Status Category of Acceptance Date accepted
Yellow-headed Blackbird Nicholas Flanders Berlin, Southampton Co. Western Coastal Plain 04/07/14 08:32PM 12/16/13 08:30AM Accepted Category 2; first Western Coastal Plain record since 2012 Review List 08/12/14 12:01PM
Greater White-fronted Goose Admin Submission Clarke County Mountains and Valleys 04/10/14 11:05AM 01/31/14 08:45AM 2(view) Accepted Category 1; eighth Mountains and Valleys record since 2004 Review List. Photos by David Carr. 08/12/14 02:04PM
Western Tanager Bill Williams James City Coastal Plain 04/14/14 09:00AM 04/14/14 08:15AM 2(view) Accepted Category 1; eighth Coastal Plain record since 2004 Review List; sixth consecutive year at this location 08/12/14 12:02PM
White-winged Scoter Lewis Barnett Richmond City Western Coastal Plain 05/07/14 06:25PM 01/26/14 09:49AM 3(view) Accepted Category 1;first Western Coastal Plain record since the subregion was created in 2012; last date 4/2/2014 08/12/14 02:29PM
Snowy Owl Victor Laubach Dayton (Rockingham County) Mountains and Valleys 05/08/14 09:03AM 12/03/13 03:30PM 3(view) Accepted Category 1; first Mountains and Valleys record to be reviewed by VARCOM; second chronological record since 2004 Review List; may be the same bird reported by Mellinger and Ziegenfus on 11/21/2013 08/12/14 11:53AM
Snowy Owl Victor Laubach Rockingham County, just west of Bridgewater and just north of Mt. Crawford. Mountains and Valleys 05/08/14 09:37AM 12/27/13 12:30PM 9(view) Accepted Category 1; different bird from the Dayton bird 08/12/14 03:27PM
White-winged Scoter Paul Glass Mecklenburg Piedmont 05/12/14 01:50PM 01/04/14 09:00AM 2(view) Accepted Category 1; seventh Piedmont record since 2004 Review List 08/23/14 09:53AM
Purple Gallinule Admin Submission Virginia Beach Coastal Plain 05/20/14 12:24PM 12/30/13 12:30PM 1(view) Accepted Category 1; first winter record for Coastal Plain. Reported by Karen Roberts. 08/20/14 09:03AM
Other (Say's Phoebe) Admin Submission Fauquier Piedmont 07/24/14 12:50PM 12/07/13 10:30AM 1(view) Accepted Category 1; third Piedmont record. Reported by Larry Meade. 08/12/14 03:38PM
Other (Say's Phoebe) Admin Submission Fauquier Piedmont 07/24/14 01:13PM 12/18/13 12:00PM 4(view) Accepted Category 1; fourth Piedmont record. Reported by Mary Alice Koeneke and Glenn J. Koppel 08/21/14 12:25PM