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Bird Common Name Submitter Location Region Submission Date Sighting Date Media Status Category of Acceptance Date accepted
Sandhill Crane Matt Anthony King George County Coastal Plain 11/04/15 03:17PM 11/02/15 10:25AM 3(view) Accepted Category 1; eighth Coastal Plain record since 2004 Review List. Same birds reported previous day by Fred Atwood. 02/08/16 02:20PM
Hudsonian Godwit Matt Anthony King George County Western Coastal Plain 11/04/15 06:43PM 11/02/15 10:52AM 4(view) Accepted Category 1; third record for Western Coastal Plain since 2004 Review List. Last date 11/11/2015 02/08/16 04:16PM
Sandhill Crane Frederick Atwood King George Coastal Plain 11/05/15 05:52AM 11/01/15 09:30AM 2(view) Accepted Category 1; eighth Coastal Plain record since 2004 Review List. Same birds reported by Matt Anthony 02/08/16 02:35PM
Pacific Loon Evan Spears Mecklenburg County Piedmont 11/05/15 05:01PM 02/09/15 11:30AM 2(view) Accepted Category 1;10th Piedmont record since 2004 Review List although this may be the same individual returning in multiple winters since 2003. Only one other record from elsewhere in the Piedmont 02/14/16 02:44PM
Ash-throated Flycatcher Eli Gross Northampton Coastal Plain 11/09/15 08:36PM 11/08/15 09:20AM 4(view) Accepted Category 1; seventh Coastal Plain record since 2004 Review List. 02/13/16 03:51PM
Other (Common Merganser) Admin Submission Rockbridge Mountains and Valleys 11/13/15 10:33AM 06/21/15 02:30PM 3(view) Accepted Category 1; first breeding record for Rockbridge County. Reporting observers are John Pancake and Ann Olson, photo by Ann Olson 02/13/16 04:38PM
Snowy Egret Admin Submission Albemarle Piedmont 11/18/15 12:42PM 04/09/15 01:30PM 7(view) Accepted Category 1; fourth Piedmont record since 2004 Review List; reported by Janet Paisley 02/14/16 03:30PM
Cackling Goose Admin Submission Clarke Mountains and Valleys 11/18/15 12:54PM 10/29/15 04:35PM 3(view) Accepted Category 1; fifth Mountains and Valleys record since 2004 split; reported and photographed by James Fox 03/17/16 04:23PM
Other (Common Merganser) John Pancake Botetourt County, near Arcadia and a little downstream of Buchanan. Mountains and Valleys 11/19/15 09:21AM 05/24/14 08:50AM 1(view) Accepted Category 1; breeding record for Botetourt County. Photo by Steve Richards. 02/13/16 04:53PM
Western Tanager Bill Williams James City County Coastal Plain 11/24/15 04:27PM 11/10/14 04:15PM 1(view) Accepted Category 1; seen at this location each winter since 2009 03/17/16 04:48PM