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Bird Common Name Submitter Location Region Submission Date Sighting Date Media Status Category of Acceptance Date accepted
Black-bellied Whistling-Duck Richard Rowe Rockbridge Mountains and Valleys 06/02/21 03:41PM 05/31/21 10:00AM 1(view) Accepted Category 1; last date 6/4/2021 01/28/22 09:44AM
Red-necked Phalarope Noah Li Surry, VA Coastal Plain 06/09/21 03:50PM 05/21/21 03:00PM 1(view) Accepted Category 1 01/28/22 09:52AM
Roseate Spoonbill Allison Ohlgren Newport News, Virginia Coastal Plain 08/12/21 10:53PM 08/12/21 10:13PM 3(view) Accepted Category 1; last date 8/14/2021 01/28/22 10:03AM
Other (Buff-bellied Hummingbird) Matt Anthony Norfolk Coastal Plain 09/24/21 08:48AM 01/11/21 07:55AM 1(view) Accepted Category 1; first state record; present at two locations from 12/2/20 to 01/15/21. Reported by Margaret Gomez and Barbara Innes, first identified by Bob Ake. 01/11/22 10:45AM
Other (Western Meadowlark) Matt Anthony James City Coastal Plain 09/24/21 09:00AM 12/19/20 08:40AM 2(view) Accepted Category 1; first state record; present 12/18/20 to 01/18/21. Reported by Brian Taber 01/11/22 10:49AM
Other (European Storm-Petrel) Matt Anthony Northampton Coastal Plain 09/24/21 09:09AM 08/09/20 03:39PM Accepted Category 2; first state record. Reported by Edward S. Brinkley and David Clark. 01/11/22 11:04AM
Other (White Wagtail) Matt Anthony Hampton Coastal Plain 10/03/21 08:14PM 04/12/21 04:32PM 4(view) Accepted Category 1; first state record; last date photographed 4/15/21 02/05/22 04:38PM
Lesser Black-backed Gull Matt Gingerich Timberville, Va. Rockingham County Mountains & Valleys 10/25/21 08:31PM 10/12/21 02:30PM Accepted Category 1; last date 10/13/2021 02/02/22 09:02AM
Eurasian Green-winged Teal Patrick Lewis Loudoun, South Riding Piedmont 11/07/21 09:12AM 11/06/21 04:00PM 2(view) Accepted Category 1; last date 12/26/2021 01/28/22 10:12AM
Say's Phoebe Victor Laubach Augusta County, Swoope, VA Mountains and Valleys 11/09/21 03:19PM 01/28/21 10:30AM 7(view) Accepted Category 1 01/28/22 10:15AM