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Bird Common Name Submitter Location Region Submission Date Sighting Date Media Status Category of Acceptance Date accepted
Other (Ross's Goose) Mike Stinson Prince Edward County Piedmont 06/05/15 12:49AM 02/25/14 08:20AM 3(view) Accepted Category 1; second Piedmont record since 2004 Review List; last date 2/27/2014 08/30/15 04:44PM
White-tailed Kite Admin Submission Fauquier Piedmont 06/05/15 09:59AM 06/01/15 06:45AM 5(view) Accepted Category 1; fourth state and first Piedmont record; first photographic record. Photos by Amy Johnson 08/31/15 04:00PM
White-winged Dove Admin Submission Alexandria Coastal Plain 06/19/15 02:05PM 05/23/15 08:30AM 7(view) Accepted one bird accepted as Category 1 based on photo; second bird not adequately documented for acceptance. Reported by Margaret Hawkins and Fred Redeker 06/21/16 04:36PM
Roseate Tern William Hohenstein Chincoteague, NWR Accomack, VA Coastal Plain 06/26/15 06:19PM 06/25/15 06:09PM 5(view) Accepted Category 1; second Coastal Plain record since 2004 Review List 11/01/15 01:33PM
Sandhill Crane Admin Submission Lancaster Coastal Plain 07/07/15 04:38PM 04/23/15 06:54PM 8 Accepted Category 1; seventh Coastal Plain record since 2004 Review List. Reported by John O'Shaughnessy 09/05/15 01:28PM
Arctic Tern Admin Submission Accomack Coastal Plain 08/18/15 10:48AM 07/12/15 03:00PM 3(view) Accepted Category 1; second onshore Coastal Plain record and second since 2004 Review List. First photographic record. Reported and photographed by Frank Fogarty. 02/07/16 12:07PM
American Avocet Admin Submission Fairfax Coastal Plain 08/18/15 11:08AM 07/22/15 10:30AM 2(view) Accepted Category 1; ninth inland Coastal Plain record since the 2004 Review List. Reported by Gerry Hawkins, photos by George McEachern and Seth Honig 11/18/15 02:12PM
Other (Smith's Longspur) Gabriel Mapel Weyers Cave, Augusta County Mountains and Valleys 08/18/15 08:33PM 02/24/15 01:45PM 9(view) Accepted Category 1, first state record. The bird was first found by Marshall Faintich and Walt Childs on 2/23/2015. Photographs by Gabriel Mapel and Marshall Faintich. 11/11/15 01:56PM
Red-necked Phalarope Sherman Suter Fairfax Co: Alexandria Western Coastal Plain 08/25/15 11:20PM 08/25/15 01:24PM Accepted Category 2; fourth inland Coastal Plain record since 2004 Review List 11/18/15 02:50PM
Baird's Sandpiper Paul Glass Halifax County Piedmont 08/29/15 04:47PM 08/29/15 09:00AM Accepted Category 2; likely the same bird reported and photographed the following day by Adam Bollinger 06/25/16 02:41PM