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Bird Common Name Submitter Location Region Submission Date Sighting Date Media Status Category of Acceptance Date accepted
Other (Black-bellied Whistling Duck) VARCOM Secretary Southampton Coastal Plain 03/28/19 08:05PM 05/30/18 09:45AM Accepted Category 1 (eBird); 14th Coastal Plain record since 2004 Review List. https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S46157875 08/26/18 08:30PM
Roseate Spoonbill VARCOM Secretary Amherst Piedmont 03/28/19 08:08PM 06/09/18 11:30AM Accepted Category 1 (eBird); Fourth state record and first Piedmont record. https://ebird.org/atlasva/view/checklist/S46424766 08/26/18 08:34PM
Eared Grebe Greg Moyers Rockingham County Mountains and Valleys 05/08/19 11:29PM 04/28/19 06:36PM 6(view) Accepted Category 1; Fourth Mountains and Valleys record since 2004 Review List. Present through 4/30/2019 08/06/19 04:36PM
Neotropic Cormorant Paul Woodward Fairfax Co. Piedmont 05/18/19 12:50PM 05/17/19 07:05AM 4(view) Accepted Category 1; Second state record 08/06/19 04:37PM
Other (Lawrence's Warbler) Matt Anthony Wise County Mountains and Valleys 05/23/19 10:18AM 05/07/16 09:50AM Accepted Category 1; First state record 08/06/19 04:39PM
Least Tern Paul Woodward Fairfax County Piedmont 06/02/19 02:37PM 06/02/19 09:14AM 5(view) Accepted Category 1; Seventh Piedmont Record 08/06/19 04:39PM
Other (Wilson's Phalarope) Greg Moyers Rockingham County Mountains and Valleys 06/09/19 03:58PM 05/13/19 09:40AM 3(view) Accepted Category 1; second Mountains and Valleys record since 2004 Review List. 10/24/19 09:18PM
Other (White-crowned Sparrow (Gambel's)) VARCOM Secretary Northampton County Coastal Plain 08/11/19 02:29PM 10/13/18 02:18PM Accepted Category 1; eBird accepted; https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S49175664; Seventh state record, third Coastal Plain record. 08/11/19 03:39PM
Pacific Loon VARCOM Secretary Virginia Beach Coastal Plain 08/11/19 02:42PM 11/28/18 02:35PM Accepted Category 1; eBird accepted; https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S49563737; Eighth Coastal Plain record. 08/11/19 03:45PM
White-winged Dove VARCOM Secretary Pulaski County Mountains and Valleys 08/11/19 02:59PM 12/01/18 02:55PM Accepted Category 1; eBird accepted; https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S50379641; Fifth Mountains and Valleys record. 08/11/19 04:12PM